Oral Hygiene after getting Dental Implants


Just as oral hygiene is important for the longevity of your teeth, it is also vital for longevity of dental implants. More attention to oral hygiene is needed right after the surgery as the healing is underway.  After surgery when the implant is restored, the implant is prone to gingival and periodontal disease same as a natural tooth would get it. Proper oral hygiene care is necessary after the dental implant is placed to keep it functional for long time.

​Regular brushing

– At least twice a day

-Electric brushes are more effective

Daily flossing

-Flossing as a part of your daily oral hygiene routine

-A water pik or air floss  may be a suitable substitute

3-6 months dentist checkup and cleaning

To get a professional cleaning, please schedule an appointment.

As always, should you have any dental related emergencies there will be a dentist on call – all you need to do is call the office.

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