Sensitive Teeth

Tooth Anatomy

The anatomy of tooth is divided into two portions – root and crown.

The crown portion has enamel covering the tooth which protects the tooth from being sensitive. When the enamel is worn out, the second layer is exposed leading to sensitiveness.

Cementum is the first layer on root surface which helps anchoring the tooth with the bone. The cementum is a very thin layer and usually wears out leading to exposure of the second layer and further leading to tooth sensitiveness.

Teeth can be  be sensitive due to following conditions.

1. Gum Disease leading to gum pockets or gum recession and exposing the root surface.

2. Cracked tooth syndrome

3. Deep cavity – new or recurrent decay around existing fillings.

4. Worn out enamel – Enamel abrasion from teeth grinding or enamel erosion from acids.

Treatment of sensitive teeth include following:

1. Fluoride treatment – toothpaste, gel or varnish

2. Desensitizing agent applied on the teeth in the dental office.

3. Fillings to restore the missing tooth structure to protect the sensitive second layer.

4. Surgical gum treatment to treat gum recession.

5. In severe cases, root canal treatment may be necessary to remove the nerve from the tooth.

Sensitiveness can be due to many reasons. To properly diagnose the cause for the sensitiveness and treat it please schedule your next appointment  with Dr. Utsav Desai at Healthy Smiles, (860) 595-3903. 

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