Periodontal Disease

Dental Disease - Gingivitis and Periodontitis

Gum disease is often known as periodontal disease, which generally progresses over a long period of time.Gum disease is often painless, you may not know you have it.Periodontal disease is caused by plaque.

Warning Signs that Signal Gum Disease

– Gums that bleed easily

– Red, tender, swollen gums

– Constant bad breath or change in taste

– Permanent teeth that are loosening up and separating

– Change in the fit of partial dentures

Factors increasing risk of Gum Disease:

– Poor Oral Hygiene

– Systemic Conditions such as Anemia

– Food left in between teeth

– Smoking or Chewing Tobacco

– Pregnancy

– Diabetes

– medications, including steroids, certain types of anti-epilepsy drugs, cancer therapy drugs, some calcium channel blockers and oral contraceptives

– Overlapping teeth that are hard to clean

Regular dental checkups and periodontal examinations are very important. Simple routines such as brushing your teeth twice daily,cleaning between teeth with floss, and visiting your dentist routinely is vital to maintain a healthy smile.

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