Demystifying Root canal treatment near Hartford

Many people have deep fear of seeing dentist and particularly for the root canal treatment. Unlike the common myth, root canal treatment are not painful. In professional hands, root canal treatment can save the infected tooth from being extracted and will restore the tooth to normal form and function.

What is the success rate of Root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment has a success rate of 85% – 97% depending on the circumstance. Teeth can be replaced by bridge, implant or denture, and the alternatives should be considered depending on the individual case.

Does Root canal treatment always hurt?

Tooth in need of root canal treatment can have mild to severe pain. The term “hot tooth” is used to describe hypersensitive tooth with spontaneous severe pain. Proper injection technique can make sure the tooth is anesthetized completely followed by pain-free root canal treatment.

Does the Root canal treatment tooth feels different after treatment?

Root canal treatment removes the nerve tissue inside the tooth. Tooth will not have any sensitiveness to hot or cold following the treatment. Successfully treated Root canal treatment should feel normal.

Do you need a crown on root canal treated tooth?

Root canal treated tooth can deteriorate after the treatment. Tooth following root canal treatment may fracture leading to extraction, if it is not protected with a crown.


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